FAQ: How to export activity data from Enablix?

Currently, there is no in-app feature to export activity or content data into a CSV or Excel format. 

Email us at help@enablix.com if you need an export of activity or content data in CSV or Excel format. 

We can share the exported data in a couple of days. 

Here are a few examples of exported data that we have fulfilled for our customers: 

  • A content inventory export of all the content assets. This export will also include activity and engagement details for every asset on the portal.  

  • An export of summary of activity for a given time period for every user. We can additionally filter the data for users in a certain business role. For example, the access and sign in activity for partner users in Q4. 

  • An export of all the activity in a portal for a given period. This extract is useful for customers who use a third party analytics tool and want to import this CSV data into those tools to run their own analytics. 
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