Enablix for Gmail

When you copy an Enablix asset link in Gmail, the Enablix Chrome Plugin helps you in two ways: 

  • It resolves the link to the title of the link in Enablix. 
  • It captures the recipient's email address when the email is sent. This helps when notifying the sender on who clicked on the link. 
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  • After you installed the plugin, log out and log back into Enablix. 
  • Refresh your Gmail browser window before you try sharing content.
  • If there are multiple email recipients, Enablix will pick the first recipient only. All notifications will include the first recipient's email ID. 

In this snippet above, the user copies the link in the web app and pastes it into Gmail.

In this snippet below, the user copies the link from the Chrome Plugin and pastes it to Gmail.

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