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Sales Development Reps (SDRs) that use Salesloft for nurturing prospects can access Enablix content using the Enablix for Salesloft plugin inside the Salesloft application UI. 

The Enablix for Salesloft Plugin gives SDRs access to published sales and marketing collateral inside the Salesloft email editor. 

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Salesloft admin should have enabled the Enablix for Salesloft plugin. Read the Adding Enablix for Salesloft Plugin article to learn about

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Access Enablix Plugin

To access the Enablix plugin, you should click on the Integrations icon and select Enablix from the dropdown in the Salesloft email editor. An Enablix content browser popup will appear. 

  • You may be asked to sign in when you access the plugin the first time. 
  • You can access the plugin in all the Salesloft email editors. That is, when you are composing an Email, or an Email Template, or an Email step as part of a cadence. The behavior of the plugin is the same. 

Insert Asset Link

When you find the asset you need to add to the email, simply click on the Insert Link action button in the asset's detail screen. The asset link will be added to the body of the email. 

  • The asset link includes dynamic fields that are populated by Salesloft when the email is sent. This helps Enablix track who the recipients are engaging with the content. 
  • You can customize the behavior of the link by using the dropdown option next to the Insert Link action button. E.g. if you don't want to receive notifications when a link is clicked. 

Search and Browse Assets

The content browser shows recently accessed assets by default. You can use search or browse the library using content types, categories, and labels. 

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