Configure File Storage

With Enablix, we offer you an option to save files (that are uploaded to Enablix) on your company's cloud storage platform. This way, if you decide to stop using Enablix in the future, all your files are stored on your cloud storage platform. This gives your organization to have access to its files outside Enablix application. 

You can think of Enablix as a broker that helps with content organization, content discovery, and content quality. We do support storing files on our servers, however, very few of our customers opt for that option. We actually prefer to store files on our customer's cloud storage platform. It is a one-time easy configuration. Once done, Enablix stores all published and imported file assets on to the integrated cloud storage platform. 


Where does one configure integration with a cloud storage platform?
Go to Integrations tab in the Company Settings section of the application. You should see an option for "File Storage." Only Administrators can configure File Storage Integration. 
What if our cloud storage platform is not listed in the supported integrations? 

No problem. Send us an email at and we will enable integration with your cloud storage platform. 

What does Enablix store on the cloud storage platform? 

Enablix stores all files on the cloud storage platform. The metadata of file assets, URL assets, and text assets are stored in Enablix database. The content of the text assets is stored in Enablix database.

What about direct access to files stored on the cloud storage platform? 

You have control over who you give direct access to your files on the cloud storage platform. And Enablix users with the right credentials can access the file and it's metadata via the Enablix application.

What are the options to switch integration to a different cloud storage platform or a different location on the same cloud storage platform? 

Send us an email at and we will help you transition your file assets from the older cloud storage platform (or location) to the new one. 

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