FAQ: How to manage email notifications?

Enablix application notifies users and content administrators by email. As a user or administrator, you have the option to manage which emails you receive. 

  • By default, users and administrators are set up to receive the emails. 

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Managing Email Notifications

All users can manage their email notification settings from the User Profile section of the application.

Administrator Notification Options

Users with administrator roles have different notification options than users with consumer or approved contributor roles. Here is a short video describing all the notifications for a user with an administrator role.

Consumer Notification Options

Users in consumer roles (e.g. sales users) can also manage which emails they want to receive and which they don't. They can manage the frequency of the content activity emails and whether or not they want to receive content update emails like weekly digest, bookmarked asset changes, and changes to assets where they are a collaborator. 

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