Enablix Microsites

Sales and marketing users can share content using Enablix. With a Microsites, users can share multiple assets externally on a single page. Whether following up after an introductory meeting, responding to a prospect’s query or simply bundling like items, with Enablix Microsite feature marketing and sales representatives can quickly create visually appealing and on-brand experiences for external distribution.

It is very easy to create new Microsites or use existing Microsites and personalize them.


Only externally shareable assets can be added to a Microsite. Enablix will not allow users to add assets that are Internal & Confidential as Microsites are meant to be shared with external audiences.

Enablix Introduction Microsite

This is an introductory Microsite that our prospects can share with their colleagues and other stakeholders. In this page, we have a video testimonial from one of our customers, a datasheet on Sales Content Enablement, a link to our G2 profile, and a marketing video. Additionally, the page is shared with a sales user's personalized profile with on-brand graphics. 

Enablix Product Tour Microsite

This is a product tour page to help buyers refer to product walkthrough videos. This page uses a different layout. On top we have a 20 min product video and then there are topic-specific demo videos to learn about specific features of the platform. 


More features include:

  • Custom Domain - Share Microsites using your company's domain to enable with a consistent on-brand experience.
  • Excerpts - Leverage content asset excerpts to scale consistent messaging and streamline Microsite creation.
  • Confidential Content - Guard content from user oversight. Never share internal and confidential content assets.
  • Multi-Format Support - Microsites with assets of different formats. Videos, Blog URLs, Whitepapers, etc.
  • Sharing Latest Content - No need to track versions. Customers and prospects always see the latest content.
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