Here are some other miscellaneous items that can be part of the initial set up. 

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enablix supports SSO-based authentication if your company uses that for authentication. With SSO, Enablix users need not maintain yet another user id and password. And your company's security team has better control over who has access to the Enablix content. Especially, when an employee leaves the company the security team can turn off their account in the SSO system and that should restrict them from accessing the Enablix application. Email us at to discuss SSO integration. 

CRM Integration

Enablix can integrate with your organization's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application and provide content to your sales team inside the CRM application. If your sales team spends most of its time in the CRM application, they can have access to all the Enablix content inside the CRM application. This increases sales adoption of the content and also provides insight into content and opportunity usage.  Email us at to discuss CRM integration.

Wordpress Integration

Enablix can integrate with your company's Wordpress blog (if you are using Wordpress for your blog) and pull blog entries into Enablix once they are added to Wordpress. If your blog is hosted on a content management platform other than Wordpress we can explore the option of integrating with your website's content management platform. Email us at to discuss Wordpress integration.

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