Your User Profile

To access your User Profile, select your user profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Different areas of your User Profile:

User Details

Email Notification Settings

Integrations - Slack, Teams, & Email

User Details

Here you can upload a profile picture, update your job title, and add your contact information. This information is what is displayed when you create and share Microsites.

Email Notification Settings

By default, every time your contacts engage with an Enablix link, you'll receive an email notification. You can update your email notification settings for content activity and more.

Integration - Slack, Teams, & Email

The first time you share content by Slack or Teams, you'll be asked to integrate with your account.

The first time you share content by email, you'll be asked to integrate your mailbox. While you can integrate your mailbox by completing the email action for the first time, you can only add your email signature in your User Profile. To add your email signature, select 'Settings' in the Mailbox Integration section.

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