Enablix & Salesforce

With Enablix's Salesforce integrations, not only make Enablix accessible right from Salesforce, but tailor your team's experience to show them relevant content in opportunities (even accounts).

To complete these integrations, you will need Salesforce Administrator rights. To learn more, or if you're ready to begin these integrations, please contact your Enablix Customer Success Manager, or email us at help@enablix.com.

Enablix <> Salesforce Prerequisites

The first step to completing any of our Salesforce integrations is installing the standard managed package.

Enablix in Salesforce - Main Configuration Guide

For your Enablix portal's tenant ID, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at help@enablix.com.

Enablix Tab in Salesforce

This integration allows your users to gain access the Enablix portal without having to leave Salesforce.

Data Sync (Accounts & Contacts)

Everyday Enablix will sync with Salesforce to identify new and or update accounts and contacts. This makes it not only easier for the user to share content, but that much easier to capture real analytics they can use (for both the user and administrators).

You can label content that's account specific. For example, when searching for content related to Bank of America, you can see these six assets are specific to this account. With the Enablix Tab in Revenue Objects integration, you can also display account specific content right on the account page in Salesforce.

The Salesforce Administrator completing this integration will also need to be an Administrator in Enablix (they need to access the Company Settings > Integrations tab).

Content Activities

When Enablix captures the visitor and or account, users can view engagement right from Salesforce.

After the Data Sync, when users share content from Enablix, they can share it with a contact 1-on-1, or the account as a whole. In this example, I've shared content with my account Bank of America. When I visit the account page in Salesforce, I can see content they've engaged with in Content Activities (new object added in this integration). I can view this both on the contact and account pages.

This is the only Enablix Salesforce integration that writes back to Salesforce.

Enablix Tab in Revenue Objects (Custom Package)

Unlike our other three integrations, this integration is a custom package. We build it specific to each client's setup requirements.

Example of the Sales Content tab to push content for specific opportunity:

In addition to pushing content for a specific opportunity, you can even customize it as far as the content pushed is dependent on the stage. So if a sales user is in value stage proposition verses negotiation, content related to that stage is displayed.

Example of the Sales Content tab on an Account Page to push account specific content:

This is a custom package built specific to each client's setup requirements and preferences. If you are interested in this integration, please contact your Enablix Customer Success Manager, or email us at help@enablix.com to learn more.

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