Enablix & HubSpot

Enablix's HubSpot integration makes it even easier for users to share content with their accounts & contacts (even track engagement right from HubSpot).

Setting Up the Integration

Data Sync (Accounts & Contacts)

Engagement Tracking

Setting Up the Integration

Setting up the Enablix & HubSpot integration is easy.

  • The user completing this step will need to be an Administrator in both Enablix and HubSpot
  • In the Enablix portal, navigate to Company Settings > Integrations > HubSpot Integration
  • Authorize the HubSpot Integration
  • Notify the Enablix Team you have authorized the integration and would like to proceed

Please notify your Enablix Customer Success Manager, or email us at help@enablix.com.

Data Sync (Accounts & Contacts)

Everyday Enablix will sync with HubSpot to identify new and or update accounts and contacts. This makes it not only easier for the user to share content, but that much easier to capture real analytics they can use (for both the user and administrators).

You can label content that's account specific. For example, when searching for content related to Bank of America, you can see these six assets are specific to this account.

Engagement Tracking

When Enablix captures the visitor and or account, users can view engagement right from HubSpot.

After the Data Sync, when users share content from Enablix, they can share it with a contact 1-on-1, or the account as a whole. In this example, I've shared content with my account Bank of America. When I visit the company page in HubSpot, I can see content they've engaged with as an activity.

Important: Once Enablix begins pushing engagement tracking to HubSpot, in order for your team to be able to view this, they will need to:

  1. Go to any ONE Company > Activities > Filter Activity > Enable 'Enablix'
  2. Go to any ONE Contact > Activities > Filter Activity > Enable 'Enablix"

Once they do this for one company AND one contact, it enables it for ALL.

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