Customize Links & Secured Sharing

No matter which way you share content, all content shared from Enablix is shared via a link (or URL). You have the option to customize the link (allow download, link title, security, etc.).

In this article we will discuss:

Watch this video below and you'll learn about the different areas of customizing a link:

  • General tab - customize link options
    • On click action (launch web view or download file), allow download, disable send notification, update link title
  • Security tab - enable secured sharing
    • By default when content is shared, anyone with the link can access it
    • You can restrict a link to only be accessed by approved email IDs and or domains

Forgot to customize your link? You can still customize the link after you've copied and or shared it.

Watch this video below to learn how to edit the link after the fact (including disabling it).

In Manage Links, system roles such as Administrator will see all users' copied links and be able to edit and disable links. A typical user will only see their copied links.

Default Link Settings

Want to customize the link for all future shares of an asset? As an Administrator, or the user who added the content, you can access the asset's 'Default Settings.' For example, you want to always allow download of an asset without having to have the user enable it each share.

Watch the video below to learn how to update an asset's Default Settings:

Updating an asset's Default Settings only updates links for future shares. If the asset's been previously shared, updating the asset's Default Settings does not effect previously shared links. To update previously shared links, the links would have to be updated individually.

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