Secured Content Sharing & Disabling Links

Are you sharing content that you want to restrict access to specific email IDs or an email domain? Has a user accidentally shared content with the wrong prospect or client?

In this article we will discuss:

Secured Sharing

Disabling Links

Secured Sharing

By default, when you share content using Enablix, the default rule is anyone who can access the link can view the content shared. If you want to restrict who can view the content shared, watch this video to see how you can restrict access to an email domain (or specific email IDs).

Every time content is shared, a unique link is created per share. With this feature, if a user accidentally shared content that wasn't supposed to be shared, the user or an Administrator can disable the link. This way, if the recipient tries to view the content, access is restricted.

Typical users can only see links that they have created. Administrators can see all links that were shared by all users.

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