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Anytime you share content in Enablix, it's always shared using an Enablix link (emailing in Enablix, our extensions and integrations). Of course, you always have the option to copy the link directly through Enablix, and choose how you share - whether that's pasting it into an Email, or even a Zoom chat.

Watch this video to see how you can simply copy the link in Enablix, and choose how to share:

Please Note: In all Enablix portals, when copying the link, you'll have the option to enter a Recipient ID. You will only have the Account option if your portal is integrated with your CRM.

You could enter any of the following information for the Recipient ID to identify the visitor/activity:

  • Contact's name (if Enablix is connected to your CRM, this will populate)
  • Contact's email
  • Any other unique identifiers such as 'Demo meeting with Bank of America'

This way, anytime someone engages with the link, it will show who visited by what you entered in the fields. You must fill out one of the fields to get analytics you can use. If none of the fields are filled, Enablix can only provide the location (Someone from St. Louis visited...).

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