Properties are another way that you can further organize content (and user profiles) in Enablix.

In this article, we will discuss the two use cases for properties:

Only Administrators can access Properties. To access your portal's Properties, navigate to Company Settings > Properties.

Properties for Content Organization

There are lots of ways to organize your content library depending on your organization's content enablement needs. In addition to Content Types and Categories & Labels, you can also organize your content library using Properties.

  • Accounts
  • Deal & opportunity stages
  • Languages

What's the difference between Categories & Labels and Properties? When adding or editing an asset, a user can choose from all Categories & Labels - no matter the type of asset (file, URL, or text) or Content Type. With Properties, you can set up Properties to be prompted (even required) when adding an asset to a specific Content Type. For example, when adding a white paper, you can have the user select the appropriate language.

Properties for User Management

By default, Business Roles will appear on a user's profile. You can use this to group users by roles (Sales, Customer Success, Account Management, etc.). This is for user management and reporting.

Enablix user profiles are customizable. To add additional fields such as 'Region' or 'Department,' please contact your Enablix Customer Success Manager.

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