Add a File

A file is the most common asset that you will manage in Enablix. Here is how you add a new file.

Select a File

Click on the blue Add button and select the File option. A file browser will open and you can select the File to be added.

Select Content Type

Select the content type and enter the asset title. 


Asset titles are important. In most instances, the file name does not make a good title for the asset. Give a title that is easy to read and tells the user about the asset in simple English. It also helps with search. 


  • It is mandatory to define a Content Type for every asset in Enablix. Make sure you select the right Content Type. It takes a few seconds but helps your users discover and find the right content when they need it.  It also helps you audit your content easily and keep track of all your content assets. 
  • You will see only those Content Types in the dropdown that support a File format. For example, when adding a File, the Blog content types may not be visible since Blog content type is not configured to support a file format. It may be supporting only a URL. 
Add Other Details

You will be taken to the asset's detail page. Here you can add additional details. 

  • URL - There are scenarios where you may also want to capture a URL for the file asset. For example, you uploaded a presentation but also want the audio recording of that presentation to be available to the user. Enablix supports the option to capture URL details for an asset. 
  • Description - It is always useful to add a description  for  content assets. If you want to give some additional instructions to the user, you can use the description field to communicate those details. The contents of the description field are also searchable. 
  • Access - If you have turned ON access control in your setup, you can select the right access for this asset. 
  • Labels - You can assign the appropriate labels for this asset. Labels and Categories help you organize your content so that it is easy to find for your sales team members. It also helps you with content analytics when you conduct content audits and refresh your content.

Asset Actions

Once you had added all the details for the asset, you can take one of the following actions: 

  • Publish - to publish the asset to the portal. Please note that the Publish action is available only for users who either have an Administrator or Approved Contributor system role. 
  • Request Approval - to request approval from one of the administrators to publish the asset. Users in a Consumer role have to request approval before publishing the asset. Administrators and Approved Contributors can use this option if they need to seek approval before publishing the asset. You can learn more about Request Approval Workflow here.
  • Save As My Content - to save this asset as private content to the user. Saving this asset as My Content makes it available only to the logged in user. Other users cannot see or access this content asset. To learn more check out My Content article.

File Preview

Depending on the type and size of the file, it may take some time to generate the preview. Enablix supports previews only for certain types of files.

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