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It is important that you have good quality content on Enablix for your revenue generating team members. As you use Enablix overtime, you will need to keep an eye on content quality and make sure that vetted and relevant content is easy to find. It is equally important to revisit older content and make sure it is still relevant and on point. 

In Enablix, you can delete assets. However, many times you are not so sure about deleting an asset and want to deprecate that asset so that it is clear to the user that the content asset is no longer valid. 

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About Archiving

You can use the archive feature to archive content assets that are not relevant and de-prioritized. 

  • Archived assets can be visible to the end user. This depends on a system setting for your setup that is controlled from the back end. 
  • Only Administrators can Archive and un-archive content assets. 
  • Archived assets are ranked lower than other assets when displaying in the portal. For example, when showing all Case Studies, archived Case Studies are shown at the end (please refer to the screenshot below). Similarly, when displaying search results, archived assets in the search results are ranked lower than other assets. 
  • You cannot edit an Archived Asset. You have to un-archive the asset before you can edit it. 

Archive Asset

To archive an asset, simply click on the archive action. 

Un-archive Asset

To un-archive an asset, simply click on the un-archive action button. 

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