Archiving & Deleting Assets

It is important to maintain a quality content library. As you use Enablix overtime, some assets may become outdated or irrelevant.

In Enablix, you can archive or delete assets.

In this article we will discuss:

Important: Assets can be archived and unarchived. Once an asset is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

About Archiving

You can use the archive feature to archive content assets that are outdated or irrelevant.

  • Only Administrators can Archive and un-archive assets.
  • Archived assets are ranked lower than other assets. For example, when showing all Case Studies, archived Case Studies will be shown at the end. Only Administrators can access archived content.
  • You cannot edit an Archived Asset. You have to un-archive the asset before you can edit it. 

Archive Asset

Select the three dots to the right of share to archive an asset:

Un-archive Asset

Select the three dots to the right of share to un-archive an asset:

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