Import Content

You can import content from third-party sources into Enablix. Currently, we support importing content from, 

  • Google Drive
  • One Drive
  • YouTube

In this article, we discuss steps to import content from third party sources. 

Select Import Option

Click on the blue  Add button and select the Import option. A Select Source dialog with supported third-party source applications will appear. Select the third-party source. 


By default,  Import option is only available to Administrators. 

Select Content from Third-Party Source Application

Every third-party application listed in the Select Source dialog has it's own content browsing and selection application. In this article, we are showing Google Drive example. You may have to sign in to the third-party application. 


Every third-party application provides its own application to search and select content. Enablix does not have control over those application features. 

Edit Selected Assets

Once you have selected the assets to be imported, you can edit them in the Edit Asset dialog. In the Edit Asset dialog, you can, 

  • Change the Title of the Asset
  • Select Content Type
  • Select Labels

You can also make some of these changes in bulk. 

Publish the Assets

Click Publish and the assets will be added to Enablix. It may take a few minutes for the assets to be added depending on the number of assets and the file sizes. We will send an email once the assets are published successfully. 

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