Google Drive as a File Store

Enablix customers can configure Enablix to store files on a third-party cloud storage platform. Enablix supports Google Drive to store Enablix files.  Once integrated, all your files will be stored on your company's Google Drive account. This article discusses integration with Google Drive. There are three tasks to accomplish this integration. 

Create a Service Account in Google Drive

Go to the following URL - You may have to sign in to your Google Drive account if you are not already signed in.

Once signed in, you can select a project under which you want to create a service account, or create a new project for Enablix. 

Once the project has been created or selected, create the service account by clicking on the Create service account button.

Enter the details for the service account as shown below. Click CREATE. 

In the next step, you will have an option to select account permissions. This is an optional step. You need not make any changes here since the service account is for the specific project resource and therefore restricted in its access. Click CONTINUE. 

In this last step, you have an option to grant user access to this service account. No action is required. 

However, you need to create a JSON key and save that to your desktop. This file contains the authorization key required to connect to Google Drive API as this service account. Later, you will upload this JSON file in Enablix Administration section.

Click DONE. 

Please make sure you have downloaded the JSON file and saved it for future use. 

Enable Google Drive API

Go to the following URL - You may have to sign in to your Google Drive account if you are not already signed in. Find Google Drive API and click on the Google Drive API thumbnail. 


Once you are on the Google Drive API page, Enable the API. 

Configure Google Drive Integration in Enablix

Login to your Enablix account. You should have Administrator privileges to configure Google Drive integration.
Click on Company name and go to Integrations section. By default, the File Storage is configured to store files on Enablix servers. Mouse over the existing configuration and you will see an Edit button. Click on the Edit button.

Select Google Drive as the file store.

You will see a form appear. Please fill out the form as follows.
  • Base Folder - This folder will be created (if it does not exist) under the service account and all the files will be stored in this folder. This folder will be shared with all the Administrator users in Enablix.
  • Service Key Account File - This is the json file you saved in the earlier step. Upload the file here. 
  • Email Domain - The base folder will be shared with only those administrator users whose email domain matches the given email domain. This prevents administrators who are not part of your organization have unauthorized access to your content in Google Drive. 

All Administrators will receive an email from Google about the shared folder.

Enablix is now configured to store files on your company's Google Drive.

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