Microsoft OneDrive as a File Store

Enablix customers can configure Enablix to store files on a third-party cloud storage platform. Enablix supports MS OneDrive to store Enablix files.  Once integrated, all your files will be stored on your company's MS OneDrive account. This article discusses integration with MS One Drive. There are three tasks to accomplish this integration. 

Register an App in MS Developer Console

Go to the following Application Registration Portal URL - You may have to sign in to your Microsoft Drive account if you are not already signed in. Please note that you should have admin rights to your Microsoft account for registering an application. 
Click Add an app button. 

Enter Application Name as Enablix and click Create. 

On the application registration page, copy the Application ID. You will need this ID in later steps. Set password for the application by clicking on Generate New Password button.

You will get a dialog with the newly generated password. Please copy the password and store it in a secure place. You will need this later. Click Ok. 

On the application registration page, click on Add Platform. And click on the Web option.  


A form will appear in the Platform section of the application registration page. Enter in the Redirect URLs field. 


On the application registration page, click the Add button next to the Application Permission label to add application permissions.


In the Select Permission dialog, scroll down and select Files.ReadWrite.All scope and click Ok


On the application registration page, enter profile information as follows: 


Scroll down and click on Save. The application registration is complete.

Grant Admin Consent

Once the application is created and registered successfully, one of the admin users needs to give consent to the permissions required by the application. To give consent, you should be an administrator.

Access the below URL. But, before you access this URL, replace the client ID value with the Application ID that you had copied earlier. In this URL, the client ID is in bold font d9587371-5577-4815-8be0&


Click on Accept. On clicking Accept you will be taken to the Enablix website. 


When replacing the client ID with Application ID, we recommend using non-rich text editors like Notepad or similar programs. Changing a URL value in a rich text editor does not always work as expected. 

Configure Microsoft OneDrive Integration in Enablix

Login to your Enablix account. You should have Administrator privileges to configure One Drive integration.
Click on Company name and go to Integrations section. By default, the File Storage is configured to store files on Enablix servers. Mouse over the existing configuration and you will see an Edit button. Click on the Edit button.

Select OneDrive as the file store.

You will see a form appear. Please fill the form as follows.
  • One Drive Organization Id: To find your One Drive OrganizatioN Id, go to and select Azure Active Directory in the left bar. Usually it is <company name>
  • Application ID: This is the application ID that you had copied in the an earlier step when registering the application
  • Application Password: This is the application password that you had copied in an earlier step during application registration. 
  • File Storage Owner Id: In One Drive, folders and files have to be attributed to a user. This File Storage Owner Id is a user id on your Microsoft account under whoe name these files will be stored. You can enter here an admin's user ID or, if you prefer, you can create a separate user for Enablix and use that user ID. We recommend creating a separate user ID for Enablix. 
  • Base Folder: Enter a folder name where all your Enablix files will be stored. If the folder with the given name does not exist, Enablix will create one. 

Save the changes
Enablix is now configured to store files on your organization's One Drive account.

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