Sharepoint as a File Store

Enablix customers can configure Enablix to store files on a third-party cloud storage platform. Enablix supports Sharepoint as one of the cloud storage platforms to store Enablix files.  Once integrated, all your files will be stored on your company's Sharepoint account. This article discusses steps to integrate with Sharepoint.

Create a User Account in Sharepoint

You need to create a Sharepoint user account that will be used for Enablix integration. 

Configure Sharepoint Integration in Enablix

Login to your Enablix account. You should have Administrator privileges to configure Sharepoint integration.
Click on Company name and go to Integrations section. By default, the File Storage is configured to store files on Enablix servers. Mouse over the existing configuration and you will see an Edit ´┐╝button. Click on the Edit button.

Select Sharepoint as the file store.

You will see a form appear. Please fill out the form as follows.
  • Sharepoint Site Url - (e.g. "") This is the url of the default Sharepoint site. If we need to point to a new site created, then the url would be something like: ""
  • Base Folder - (e.g. /Shared Documents/Marketing Collateral) Enablix will store files in this base folder. "/Shared Documents" refer to the "Documents" link on the left panel on the Sharepoint site. To point to a site specific folder (instead of default "Documents" folder), the base folder value will be - /sites/new-site/Share Documents/Marketing Collateral
  • Username and Password for the user account created in the earlier step. 

Sharepoint folder access
You can decide what access rights and permissions you want to set on the base folder. Permissions on Sharepoint base folder does not impact access from Enablix. Authorized users in Enablix will have access to the content from Enablix application. 

Enablix is now configured to store all the uploaded files to your Sharepoint content repository.

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