Dropbox as a File Store

nablix customers can configure Enablix to store files on a third party cloud storage platform. Enablix supports Dropbox as one of the cloud storage platforms to store Enablix files.  Once integrated, all your files will be stored on your company's Dropbox account. This article discusses integration with Dropbox.

Create an App on Dropbox

Go to the URL - https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps/create?app_type_checked=api. You will have to sign-in to your Dropbox account if you are not already signed in. 

Select Dropbox API. For type of access, select App folder. For the name of your app, Dropbox expects a unique name. We suggest you use your organization's name to create a unique app name. Once this information is entered, click on Create app

Once the app is successfully created, you need to generate the access token. With this access token, Enablix will be able to make API calls without going through the user-based authorization flow. The screenshot below shows the app details with the option to generate the access token.
Once you click on Generate, you will be provided an access token. Save that access token. We will be using it in later steps.

Configure Dropbox Integration in Enablix

Go to the  Integrations tab in Company Settings. By default, the File Storage is configured to store files on Enablix servers. Mouse over the existing configuration, click  Edit, and select  Dropbox as the file store.

You will see a form appear. Please fill out the form as follows.
  • Application Name - Please enter the Dropbox app name (that you created earlier in Dropbox).
  • Dropbox Access Token - Copy the access token that you had generated during the Dropbox app creation step.
  • Click Save.

Enablix is now configured to store all the uploaded files to your Dropbox content repository. All your files will be stored on - /Dropbox/Apps/<App Name> folder.

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