Adding Enablix Outlook Add-in

With Enablix Outlook Add-in, users can access Enablix content in Outlook. The Outlook Add-in works on the Outlook version of the web and on Outlook installed on a desktop/laptop.  With the add-in, a user can access access links for content assets that are published on Enablix for external and internal sharing. 

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For information on how to use the Outlook Add-In after it is installed, please refer to Sharing Content Using Enablix Outlook Add-In video article. 

Add Outlook Add-on For Outlook Web App

To add the add-on, you should sign in to Outlook on the Web and click on the new email message button. On the new email message button access the Outlook add-on marketplace by clicking on the Get Add-Ins button. The Get Add-Ins option is in the dropdown on the action bar of the new message. 

Once inside the add-in store, search for Enablix and add it to your list of add-ins. Please remember to pin the add-in to your email for easy access. 

Your Enablix Outlook add-in is added to your Outlook for the Web. You will have to connect to your Enablix account to access the content. 

Add Outlook Add-In for Outlook Desktop App

In this section we discuss how to add the Enablix Outlook add-on when using the Outlook desktop app. On the main Outlook window, use the Get Add-Ins button to open the add-on store. 

Once inside the add-in store, search for Enablix and click on Add button to add the add-in to your Outlook desktop app.

Enablix Outlook Add-In is added successfully. You can access the add-in in the new email window of Outlook. 

Connect your Enablix account 

Once you have added the add-in to your Outlook app (web or desktop), you need to sign in to connect your Outlook add-in to your Enablix account. This connection will allow Enablix app to access Enablix content. 

Go to the Enablix Add-In and click on Sign-In. The app may require you to sign in if you are not already signed into Enablix.

Please note that you may be asked to Allow access to the Enablix app to connect with Enablix. 

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