How Enablix Links Work

Enablix users can share content with prospects and customers using links. Here are some benefits to sharing using Enablix links:

  • Enablix tracks link engagement. This tells users who clicked on the link and when. 
  • A link always gives access to the latest version of the asset.
  • A link can be customized to offer a better content experience to the recipient.

In this article, we will discuss:

Enablix Links

Every time a user shares content, no matter how they're sharing it, a unique link is created. This way, the user receives their own insights, and Administrators can know what users are sharing content.

Links for File Assets

When the content shared is a file, a recipient opening the asset has two options:

  • Launch Web View (this is the system default)
  • Download File

Check out this video below to see how to switch from the default, even allowing your recipients the option to download if needed.

No matter the on-click experience, Enablix will track if they have engaged with the link. However, to see time spent (including time spent per page/slide), Launch Web View has to be enabled.

Links for URL Assets

File or URL assets are shared the same way through Enablix. When the content shared is a URL, the recipient opening the asset will be directed to that web address (URL to Google Drive or SharePoint, URL to your company's blog).

Regardless if it's a file or a URL shared, Enablix will always capture if they engaged with the link. However, if sharing a URL, since the recipient is being directed to another website, Enablix will not capture time spent. You'll still be able to measure engagement by recipients launching the URL.

You can edit and customize links in the following ways:

  • Update the Link Title (visible to the recipient in the web view)
  • Update the on-click behavior (launch web view or download file)
  • Allow or disable recipients from downloading the file

Check out this video below to see how to edit and customize links, even how to update the link after you've already shared it:

To learn more about the security tab, as well as how you can restrict access if the content was accidentally shared with the wrong recipient, visit our Help Article Secure content Sharing here.

Externally Shareable or Internal & Confidential

When adding content to Enablix, you have the option to make it Externally Shareable or Internal & Confidential. Content that is Externally Shareable allows Enablix users to share it with members outside of their organization. Of course, Internal & Confidential restricts that user's ability to share.

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