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Enablix users can share content with prospects & customers using links. Users have an option to download files or copy URLs for sharing externally. However, links feature offers several advantages over the traditional way of sharing content. 

  • Enablix tracks link engagement. This tells user who clicked on the link and when. 
  • A link always gives access to the latest version of the asset.
  • A link can be customized to offer a better content experience to the recipient.
  • A user can create their own links for tracking and customizing the content experience.

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About Default Link

When an asset is published, Enablix creates a default link for that asset. There are some exceptions. Please refer to Enabling Links for Content Types for additional details. 

The default link can be copied using the Copy Link button on the asset detail screen. And the preview action shows the preview of the default link. 


  • Default and custom links are also available on Gmail and Outlook add-on. 
  • The mobile UI for Enablix only allows to copy default links. 

Default Link for File Assets

When a content asset is a file, the on-click experience has two options. 

  • Download File
  • Open Web View (if available). 

A default link defaults to the Open Web View option (if a Web View is available).  


The web view option is enabled for those file assets that show a visual preview in the asset detail screen. Popular file formats that support a web view are .pdf, .docx, .pptx, image formats. Use the preview action to find the on-click experience of a default link. 

Default Link for URL Assets

For the majority of URL content assets, the on-click experience launches the source URL. For example, accessing a blog or an article. The only exception is Video URLs. For commonly used video content management systems, Enablix supports a web view. 


Enablix app has been test to support web views for the following video content management systems: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, SproutVideo, and Loom.  

The below image shows a web view of a Wistia video. 

A user cannot edit a Default Link. However, an Administrator can edit a Default Link. An administrator can update the following attributes of a default link, 

  • Update the Link Name (link name is visible internally only)
  • Update the on-click behavior. 
  • Update the Link Title

And Administrator can also enable/disable a default link. This comes handy if the Administrator does not want the users to use the default link. 

To edit the default link, you have to access the Manage Links section and click on the Edit button of the default link. 

Handling Links for Internal-Only Content

Not all content that you manage on Enablix is meant to be shared externally. Some of this content is for internal use only. Therefore, it is important that you make it easy for users to understand which content is available for sharing externally and which content isn't. 


The content restrictions are supported across all channels. For example, for a content asset that is meant for internal-use, a sales rep won't have an option to insert's its default link when accessing from within Gmail add-on. 

To support internal-use-only content, Enablix supports two options. 

  • Disable content sharing for the content type - In Enablix, one can disable content sharing at a content type level. This setting is supported in the add/edit Content Type dialog. To learn more about managing content types, please refer to Manage Content Types article.

  • Support Internal & Confidential access value - Enablix can be configured to prevent a user from copying default link for an asset whose access value is Internal & Confidential. 

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