Sharing Content Using Gmail Add-On

Enablix users can share content from Gmail using the Enablix Gmail Add-On. With the add-on, a user can access Enablix content for external and internal sharing inside the Gmail application. 

To use Gmail Add-On to share content, you should first install it. You can refer to Adding Enablix Gmail Add-On article. This article assumes you have already installed the Enablix Gmail Add-On.

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Access Gmail Add-On

The Enablix Gmail Add-On is available in the Gmail compose message window. 

For quick access to recently used links, sales users can use this section. This is useful when sales users are sharing an asset or a set of assets separately with multiple prospects and customers. 

  • If you enter the recipient email address before inserting the link, the link will track the recipient. This will help you identify who clicked on the link and when. 

Enablix allows users to create their own content links for different assets. You can access these links from the add-on and insert them in your emails to share externally. 

  • You can only access content links that you have created in Enablix. You cannot access default links through this flow. 
  • If you enter the recipient email address before inserting the link, the link will track the recipient. This will help you identify who clicked on the link and when. 

You can search Enablix content assets using the search option. Once you find the asset you are looking for, you can insert links for that asset in your email for external or internal sharing. 

Browse Content Assets

You can also browse Enablix content types or categories/labels to find content assets that you want to share externally or internally. 

Browse Assets By Content Types

Browse Assets By Categories and Labels

When you find a content asset, you have different link options. The screenshot below shows how a user can, 

  • Insert an Internal Link for an asset for sharing internally with colleagues
  • Insert a Default Link to an asset
  • Insert a custom link that the user has created for that asset

Please note that internal links are gated URLs that require Enablix portal access. These are different from content links (discussed above) where content links do not require Enablix account to access the content. 

If marketing has restricted assets for internal use only, then you will not see any asset links. You will only have an option to use the Internal Link. 

Universal Add-on Actions

The add-on supports universal actions in its main menu. From this menu you can, 

  • Open Enablix application in a browser
  • Access account page to Sign Out and disconnect the add-on from your Enablix account
  • Open Enablix Help in a browser

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