Change Content Type

Every content asset in Enablix has a Content Type. And there are times when you want to change the content type of an asset to another type. For e.g. you added a file as a White Paper but then realized it was supposed to be a Data Sheet or you added a URL as an Article and you want to change its content type to Blog . 

Administrators can use the Change Content Type action on an asset to change its content type. 

  • Only users with an Administrator system role can change a content type of an asset. 
  • You have to change content type one at a time. Enablix does not support changing content types of multiple assets at a time. 
  • Changing the content type of an asset retains all the audit history of the asset. 
As an administrator, you can change the content type of an asset from the asset detail screen. Click on the Change Content Type action.

Select the target content type for the asset. 
Once you select the content type, an attribute mapping dialog will appear. The attribute mapping dialog shows how the attributes of the old content type will be mapped to the attributes of the new content type. Once you confirm, the content type will be changed and the mapped attribute values will be retained. 

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