Configure Metadata

Before you start uploading content into Enablix, you should configure the basic metadata for your company. You can always come back later and add more. Managing the metadata is an ongoing process. 

Configuring Metadata includes:

Define Categories

The first thing you want to do is make sure the Categories are in line with your organization's structure. You can configure the Categories by accessing the  Categories tab in the admin section of the application. You access the admin section by clicking on the company name/logo. 

In this section, you can, 

  • Add new Categories
  • Edit existing Categories
  • Delete Categories
  • Reorder Categories

Define Labels

After you have defined the Categories, you need to define Labels for those Categories. To define Labels for a Category, you go to the Homepage and click the Category pill in the search bar dropdown. This is the easiest way to navigate to a Category. You can also start typing the Category name in the search bar and select the Category pill from the typeahead results. 

In this screen, you can, 

  • Add new Label for the selected Category

If you want to edit or delete an existing Label, you have to click on the Label and then click on the Edit/Delete button on the Label screen. Deleting a Label does not delete the Assets tagged with that Label. 

Configure Content Types

When a new customer account is set up some standard Content Types are already configured to help you get started. We believe these standard Content Types should suffice for the initial set up. Still, if you want to play with Content Types, you can access the  Content Types tab in the admin section of the application. 

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