Manage Categories and Labels

Before you start uploading content into Enablix, you should configure the basic metadata for your company. You can always come back later and add more. Managing the metadata is an ongoing process. 

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Introduction to Categories & Labels

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To configure Categories and Labels access the  Categories tab in the admin section of the application. 

Manage Categories

To organize your content and enable easy discovery of content, you should define categories and labels. You should define Categories that are in line with your organization's structure. In this section we discuss, 

Add Category

Edit Category

When you edit a category, the changes are published right away. If you do not see the category changes, refresh the browser. Some of the reports that are run in batch. These reports will not show category changes until the next day. 

Reorder Categories

The category order drives the order in which the categories appear on the homepage or on the search bar.

Delete Category

Deleting a category deletes all the labels in that category. The assets remain untouched. Refresh your browser to see the changes. 

Define Labels

After you have defined a Category, you need to define one or more Labels for that Category. Labels can be defined from the portal page and from the admin page. In this article, we discuss how labels can be managed from the admin page. In this section we discuss, 

Add Label

Edit Label

Any label updates are published immediately. Refresh your browser to see the changes.

Delete Label

Deleting a label does not delete any assets that have the delete label value. Refresh your browser to see the changes.

Bulk Manage Labels

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