Set Up User Mailbox

Setting up a user email mailbox allows a user to share content assets from their email address. 

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Add Mailbox

To add user mailbox, 

  • Click on the User Avatar on the top right corner
  • Select User Profile from the dropdown menu 
  • Click on the Add button in the User Mailbox section and follow the prompts.  

  • A user can also setup the mailbox when using the email asset dialog. 
  • Enablix currently supports Gmail and O365 email providers. 

In this example, we walk you through the process of setting up a gmail user mailbox. 

Remove Mailbox

To remove mailbox, 

  • Click on the User Avatar on the top right corner
  • Select User Profile from the dropdown menu 
  • Click on the Remove button in the User Mailbox section.  

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