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In addition to accessing Enablix on the web and through extensions, Enablix also offers a mobile app (iOS & Android). With our mobile app, access and share content with your contacts all right from your phone.

Like most mobile apps, the Enablix app has limited features compared to our desktop version. For larger devices like an iPad, users can either:

  • Access Enablix from the mobile app
  • Access Enablix through a web browser (YourCompanyName.enablix.com)

To learn more about the app experience, please visit our related article here for a video walkthrough.

In this article, we discuss the different sections of the mobile UI and the interaction with a content asset:

Asset Details

A user can take the following actions on an asset on the mobile UI:

  • View the information about the asset
  • Download a file asset
  • Launch a URL for a URL asset
  • Copy link for sharing the asset (if sharing is supported)
  • Preview the link behavior of an asset
  • Copy internal link to the asset
  • Bookmark an asset


On the home screen a user can search content using the search bar or access content using one of the available quick links shown here:


A user can search content by Content Types and or Categories & Labels. 


In the Account section, a user can:

  • Access content requests and act on them
  • Verify content assets
  • Access Enablix help articles
  • Sign out of the application 

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