Change Asset Thumbnail

Enablix generates a thumbnail of an asset based on the content of the asset. If it cannot generate an asset thumbnail, it uses a generic thumbnail image depending on the asset format. 

However, you have an option to update the custom thumbnail of an asset and make it appear the way you want to the end users. 


The content type of an asset should support custom thumbnails for you to be able to change the custom thumbnail. To support custom thumbnail for a content type, you need to change the content type settings in the Company Settings >  Content Types section. For more information on configuring a content type, please refer to Manage Content Types help article.

Here are some of the scenarios where Enablix cannot generate a thumbnail for an asset and shows a generic thumbnail.
  • File format is not support (.psd, .ai, etc)
  • URL link cannot be resolved (or is private)
  • Asset is a content kit
  • Asset is a content page

Updating an asset's custom thumbnail is easy. 

  1. Access the asset detail screen.
  2. Click Edit
  3. Go to the Thumbnail section on the left sidebar. You will not see a Thumbnail section if the content type of the asset does not support custom thumbnail. 
  4. Upload the Thumbnail image. Enablix only supports PNG or JPEG formats. 
  5. Click Publish

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