Asset Thumbnails

Enablix generates an asset's thumbnail based on the content of the asset. If Enablix cannot generate an asset's thumbnail, we'll use a generic thumbnail image.

Regardless of the asset type, you always have the option to upload a custom thumbnail.

Note  Here are some of the scenarios where Enablix cannot generate a thumbnail for an asset and shows a generic thumbnail:

  • File format is not support (.psd, .ai, etc)
  • URL link cannot be resolved (or is private)
  • Asset is a Microsite or Content Kit

To update an asset's thumbnail:

  1. Access the asset
  2. Click Edit
  3. Go to the Thumbnail section on the left sidebar. By default, all Content Types allow custom thumbnails. Unless disabled, you will see a thumbnail section. If you do not have this option, please refer to our Help Article for Content Types.
  4. Upload the thumbnail image. Enablix supports PNG or JPEG formats. 
  5. Click Publish

Best Practices: For best quality, we recommend a thumbnail ratio of 3:2. Ideally 360 by 240 pixels, but other sizes also work as long as the ratio is closer to 3:2.

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