Enablix offers different options to brand the content portal.  


To make branding changes, you need to contact our support team. We currently do not support features to make branding changes from the application.


Enablix uses your company's favicon logo in two places. 
Home Logo

The favicon logo is used for the home logo. By default Enablix's logo is used. 

Webview Favicon
Enablix users (sales reps, customer-facing team members, etc.) can share Enablix content externally with their prospects and customers. In many cases, this content is shared in an Enablix-powered web view. To support our customer's brand, we support their favicon icon on the browser tab showing the web view. 

Email Branding

Enablix supports branding for the email notifications that are generated by the Enablix application. Email Branding includes two options. 
Email Display Name
In the below example, we have the display label as  Forrita Marketing and the email is Please note that this email is a dummy email. And if a user tries to reply to this email, the reply will be going to
Email Header Logo

The logo is used in the emails sent by the application. These emails include Weekly Digest, Monthly Summary Updates,

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