Enablix offers two options to brand your content portal. 

You can have your company logo in place of your company name on the top right section of the Homepage. 

To upload your logo, you need to send your logo to We prefer a logo height of 32 pixels. If it is large, we will compress it to fit in 32-pixel height. 
This logo will appear, 
  • On the application
  • In any application emails sent by Enablix. Application emails include weekly content updates, monthly summary updates, login related emails, etc. 

Email Branding

Enablix also supports companies to have a branded display label for the email addresses. 
In the below example, we have the display label as  Forrita Marketing and the email is Please note that this email is a dummy email. And if a user tries to reply to this email, the reply will be going to Similarly, you can share your email branding preferences with us at

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