Enablix offers different options to brand the content portal.  

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Company Icon

Enablix uses your company's icon in two places. 
Portal Home

The icon is used for the portal homepage. By default Enablix's icon is used. 

Webview Favicon
Enablix users (sales reps, customer-facing team members, etc.) can share Enablix content externally with their prospects and customers. In many cases, this content is shared in an Enablix-powered web view. We use our customer's icon as the favicon on the browser tab showing the web view. By default, we use Enablix favicon. 

Enablix supports your company's logo for branding the content experience for your users. 

Webview Logo

When sales reps share content externally, Enablix shows the content on a branded page for file and video-based assets. We refer to this view as Webview. 
Our customers can show their logo on the webview. By default, we show Enablix logo. 
Content Page Logo

When designing a content page to share multiple assets externally in a single page, there is a Show Logo option. When checked, Enablix shows the uploaded logo. 

Configure Icon and Logo

To configure your company icon and logo, simply go to Company Settings > Company Profile tab. And upload the company icon and logo. 

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