Portal Branding - Internal & External Facing Logos

Enablix offers different options to brand the content portal. Organizations can brand the experience for internal users and for external users (prospects & customers). 

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Company Icon

Company icon is used to present your brand to your company's external audience. When content is shared by revenue users, the company icon is used as a favicon for the externally shared web pages. 

Company Logo

Company logo is also used when your audience engages with the externally shared content.

Web View Logo

When sales reps share content externally, Enablix shows the content on a branded page for file and video-based assets. We refer to this view as Web View. 
Our customers can show their logo on the web view. 
Microsite Logo

When designing a Microsite to share multiple assets externally in a single page, there is a Show Logo option. When checked, by default it shows the company logo. The user has an option to upload a custom logo. 

Portal Icon

Portal icon is used to brand the portal for your internal users. Your revenue users, marketing teams, and partners/resellers will see this logo when interacting with the content portal. 
Portal icon is used in a couple of places. 
Home Icon
The portal icon is shown on the top left corner of the portal. 

Portal Page Favicon

The portal icon is also used as a favicon for portal web pages. 

Portal logo is also used for branding of the content portal your internal users.  
Login Logo
The portal logo is shown on the top left corner of the portal login page.

Email Branding Logo

The portal logo is used for branding internal communication emails. These include weekly digests, workflow updates, notifications, etc. 

Configure Icons and Logos

To configure these icons and logos, go to Company Settings > Company Profile tab. And upload the company and portal icons and logos. 

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