Content Verification Process

A quality content library is important for successful content enablement. As the content library builds up over time, older content might become irrelevant. Ongoing content verification helps maintain a quality content library.

Enablix supports a simple and effective content verification process that ensures that the latest relevant content is available for the sales team.

The verification process works as follows: 

  • Every asset has a verification period based on its content type. 
  • The asset is due for verification after the verification period has passed since the last update date of the asset. For e.g. Say a Data Sheet was added on Jan 1st 2020 and has a verification period of 3 months. After 90 days, the Data Sheet will come up for verification. 
  • When verifying the asset, one can
    • Delete the Asset
    • Archive the Asset
    • Verify the Asset

  • Administrators have access to all the assets due for verification.
  • Users in Consumer and Approved Contributor roles have access to only the assets added or updated by them due for verification.
  • All the actions are available in the content asset's audit history for tracking purposes. 

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Define Verification Period

Administrators in Enablix can add and update Content Type definitions. One of the attributes of a Content Type is the Verification Period

For example, 

  • Data Sheets should be verified for accuracy and relevancy every 6 months
  • Case Studies should be verified every 12 months
  • Pricing documents should be verified every 3 months

Defining verification period at a content-type level instead of defining it for every asset simplifies the content management process.

  • One does not have to take an extra step to define verification window for each asset when it is added
  • Different types of assets need to be verified at different intervals

By supporting different verification periods for different content types, Enablix gives control to the administrators to set a standard that helps maintain a quality content portal.

Verify Content

Enablix sends a weekly digest to administrators and content contributors notifying them about assets that are either upcoming for verification or overdue for verification. 

To verify content, go to Content Manager -> Verification tab. 

Go to Content Manager in the left panel and click on Verification tab. Select the relevant option from the dropdown and and click on Go. Select one of the assets due for verification listed below. You can use the Verify icon to verify the asset. You can click the asset to view it. Alternatively, you can Delete or Archive the asset if it is outdated. 

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