Adding Users

Once you have some content in the system, it is time to invite your sales and customer-facing team members to the portal. You may also invite your colleagues in marketing and sales enablement to the platform to help add and maintain content in the portal. 

Only users with the Administrator role can invite other users to Enablix. 

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Managing Users

Adding a User

You can manage users in the Users tab in Company Settings. 

In this section, you can, 

  • Add new users
  • Edit existing users
  • Delete users

Adding Users in Bulk

Once you are ready to share the portal with your company or a group within a company, you may want to add several users in bulk. We offer an excel template that you can fill in with the user information and share it back with us. We will add the users mentioned in the excel sheet in bulk. Send us an email at if you wish to add users in bulk.  

Default System Roles

Every user in Enablix has to have a system role. There are three default system roles. Companies can work with Enablix team to configure additional system roles, if required. 

  • Administrator - An administrator has access to all the functions of the system. 
  • Approved Contributor - An approved contributor is similar to a consumer, except when an approved contributor adds content assets there is no approval required to publish the content to the portal. 
  • Consumer - A consumer is an end user of the application. Your sales team members will have a system role of a consumer. 

Configuring Business Roles

Enablix allows you to specify the business roles of the users when adding them to Enablix. We support a default list of business roles that you can edit. We encourage you to define the business roles for the users that are added in the system. Business roles help with reporting. They can also be used to segment data access if required.  

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