User Roles

Every user in Enablix has a system role. There are three default system roles: Administrator, Approved Contributor and Consumer. If required, customers can work with Enablix team to configure additional system roles.

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Managing Users


An administrator has full access to all the functions of the system. An administrator can:

  • Add and update content in the system. 
  • Add and update metadata in the system. Metadata includes Categories, Labels, Content Types, and Properties.
  • Add and update users. 
  • Add and update access values. 
  • Add, update, and manage homepage layout and sections. 
  • Access Insights section in the application.
  • Administrators are also required to approve content requests from consumer users. For more information on approval workflow please refer to Request Approval Workflow
  • Configure Company Profile


A Consumer is the end user of the application. For example, a member of your sales team will have the system role of a Consumer. By default, Enablix allows users in a Consumer role to add or edit content assets. However, any updates from a Consumer need to be approved by an Administrator. For more information on the approval workflow, please refer to Request Approval Workflow

A Consumer can add content for their own use using My Content feature. No approval is needed for adding or editing My Content assets. For more information, please refer to the help article on My Content.

Approved Contributor

An Approved Contributor is similar to a Consumer role, except that an Approved Contributor can add/edit content assets and publish them without requiring an Administrator's approval. 

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