Collaborator Feature

In Enablix, whether you're adding a file, URL, or even a Microsite, you have the Collaborator feature.

  • When you add a Collaborator(s), they will receive an email notifying them
  • Regardless of how you add it (Publish, Request Approval, Save as My Content), the Collaborator(s) have the same access rights as you do (edit, share, view Content Insights)
  • If the asset is updated, Collaborators will receive an email notifying them

One Feature, Two Great Use-Cases:

  1. Responsible for an asset or just want oversight of it? Being added as a collaborator will give you full access rights to the asset, as well as be notified via email if any changes are made.
  1. Wanting to add your own content to Enablix but want to share it with specific users? When adding content, if you Save as My Content, only you will have access to this asset. However, adding collaborators also gives them access. To learn more about My Content, click here.
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