Save as My Content (User's Personal Library)

All users can add content to Enablix. Depending on your user profile you may have different permissions. For example, Administrators can 'Publish' content without approval, but most users will need to 'Request Approval.' Publishing makes content available to all users. Visit our Help Article Request Approval to learn more.

What if the content you're adding doesn't need to be available to all users? You can add it and 'Save as My Content.'

In this article we will discuss:

How to Save as My Content

Whichever type of asset a user is adding (file, URL, Microsite, etc.), they'll select 'Save as My Content.'

Once the asset is saved as My Content, the Access value will be My Content. 

Can I share content if I 'Save as My Content?' Whether or not a user can share assets outside the organization is dependent on the asset's Shareable Value. As long as the asset is 'Externally Shareable,' a user can share it with their prospects and clients.

How to Access My Content

A user can access their My Content by:

  • The search bar, clicking 'My Content'
  • From the homepage, under 'Quick Links'
  • From the My Stuff tab
  • From the Enablix Mobile App
  • From Enablix Extensions such as Chrome Plugin for Gmail & Outlook Add-in

My Content Feature Video Overview

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