Automated Content Management Workflows

At Enablix - we do not want our portal Administrator's to spend their whole day managing our platform. We recommend an Administrator spend 15-30 minutes per week looking at these different areas to ensure a quality content library.

In this article we will discuss:

Please Note: All users have access to the Content Manager tab. This is where they can further filter for assets or view their publish requests in My Requests. Only Administrators will have all the tabs shown above. The Content Manager is where an Administrator can manage the portal.


When a user adds content to the portal, they have two options: Request to Publish or Save as My Content. Only Administrators and Approved Contributors can add content to the portal and publish without approval, making it available to other users.
Watch this video to see how to approve or reject publish requests.

Often times when a user requests to publish, they are unaware of the 'Save as My Content' option. Users will still be able to share My Content and track engagement, but this option helps keep your portal organized and avoid clutter. Learn more about My Content (User's Personal Library) here.

Quality Issues

Every day, your portal does an automated quality check. We look for nine different issue types such as assets with duplicate titles or assets with invalid URLs. This is to ensure you have a quality content library.


This is an easy way to ensure you have a quality content library, and that all assets in the portal are still relevant.

Watch this video to find out how to set up and manage verifications.


All users can provide feedback on assets in the portal - whether it's calling out a typo or incorrect pricing information, etc. This is where Administrators can go to view all feedback submitted by users.

Access Requests

In the portal, you can utilize Access Values to restrict access based on a user's profile. There are two main use cases for setting up Access Values:

  • To restrict access
  • Not relevant to the user
    • If I'm a sales user, I wouldn't need to access integration guides meant for customer success

If a user comes across an asset they do not have access to, they can request access, and an Administrator could approve or reject it. The user can also provide an optional message when submitting an access request.

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