Email Marketing & Sales Engagement Apps

In the portal, by default you're sharing using our 'Standard Link.' When you're sharing content through a marketing email or sales engagement app, we offer custom links for these types of platforms.

Why share content from Enablix in marketing emails and prospecting sequences?

  • Central analytics
    • When your teams are sharing content from Enablix, you're getting reporting for external engagement (account activity, # of shares, # of clicks, average time spent, activity reports back to your CRM from Enablix)
      • Why should sharing content from marketing emails not be included in those analytics?
      • Wouldn't sales benefit from seeing which accounts are engaging with content from your weekly marketing newsletter?
  • Prospect content engagement
    • Sales engagement apps will tell you who's opening your email, but not who's spending 10+ minutes looking at your 'What We Offer' brochure

Watch this video below to learn how to switch from the 'Standard Link' to custom links:

Please Note: If your organization uses a email marketing or sales engagement app and you do not see a custom link for it, please contact your Enablix CSM, or email our support team (

Below shows the difference from our standard link verses our custom links. You'll see in the custom links how there's placeholders for your recipient's email as well as your email you're sharing it from.

Standard Link:

Custom Link:

HubSpot -{{}}&atSenderId={{content.author_email}}&atChannel=WEB

Outreach -{{email}}&atSenderId={{}}&atChannel=WEB

Additional Information:

  • Enablix offers various extensions, such as our Outreach and Salesloft plugins
    • You have the option to use the plugins, OR copy the respective custom link from the portal
  • To capture 'who's visiting,' you must switch from using the 'Standard Link' to the custom link of the app you're sharing content from
    • Custom links use unique placeholders (recipient email, sender email) from these other apps - different apps have different placeholders
    • If you do not switch to the custom link of the app you're sharing content from, it will show only location based activity ('Someone from St. Louis visited')
  • Both the recipient and sender's email is captured at the time of send, which means a single custom link can be used and shared by your whole team (team templates, sequences, etc.)
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