Enablix & HubSpot - Templates, Sequences, & Marketing Emails

When sharing content through HubSpot, you'll use our custom link for HubSpot. This way, when you're sharing content through HubSpot, you're capturing 'who's visiting.'

Watch this video below to learn how to switch from the 'Standard Link' to the custom link for HubSpot (& how to insert this link into a HubSpot sequence):

Additional Information:

  • To capture 'who's visiting,' you must switch from using the 'Standard Link' to the custom link for HubSpot
    • Custom links use unique placeholders (recipient email, sender email) from these other apps - different apps have different placeholders
    • If you do not switch to the custom link for HubSpot, it will show only location based activity ('Someone from St. Louis visited')
  • If you do not see a custom link for HubSpot, please contact your Enablix CSM, or email our support team (help@enablix.com)
  • To learn more about custom links for email marketing & sales engagement apps, visit our related Help Article here
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