About System Sections

You can define new sections for the homepage. You can then populate content in user-defined sections. Additionally, Enablix supports four system sections that are available to use. Data gets auto-populated in these system sections. 

  • All system section content assets are dynamically populated
  • An admin can enable or disable the system sections to control their display on the homepage.
  • System sections cannot be deleted. They can only be disabled.  
  • You can control the display settings of each system section. The display settings apply to all the users of the application. 

Recently Accessed

Recently Accessed system section shows recently accessed content assets by the signed in user. You can configure the display settings of recently accessed system section to show the five most recently accessed items or all recently accessed items. 


A user can also access Recently Accessed content from the search bar using the Recently Accessed quick links. 

Recently Added

Recently Added system section shows recently added content assets for the user. You can configure the display mode of Recently Added system section to show five or ten recently added items. 

Enablix maintains a rank order of all the content assets for every user based on user activity and other factors. The Recommended system section shows the rank ordered data with highest recommended content to the least recommended content. You can configure the display mode of Recommended system section to show five or all recommended items. 


Categories is a special type of a system section that does not include individual content assets. Categories section displays the categories and their labels on the homepage. You can configure the display mode of Categories system section to show two, four, or all categories on the homepage. 

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