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With a constant stream of useful content, your content library is bound to overgrow. Although more content is always helpful to enable your customer-facing teams, it can get over-crowded and challenging to manage. Plus, your company is going to undergo changes that would require repurposing your content library. Launching a new offering, updating company brand, retiring old offerings, entering a new market, etc. are frequent events in a company's lifecycle. And these events require updates to your content asset library. 

Administrators in Enablix can make bulk updates to content assets using the Assets tab in Content Manager section of the application. 


Assets tab in Content Manager is only available to users in the Administrator system role.

With the Assets tab in Content Manager, users can find relevant content to make bulk updates. 

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About Assets Tab

A user in an Administrator role can access the asset tab by navigating to the Content Manager. The Assets tab is selected by default. 

By default, there are no assets displayed. You have to select the filters and click Go to find the assets to update. 


  • You can click Go without selecting any filters. 
  • You can filter assets by their Content Types, Labels, Access Values, Archive status, Last Update Date and Asset Title.

Finding Assets Using Filters

You can use filters to find the assets that you want to update. You can combine different filters to find the content that you want to update. 


  • You can filter for assets with No Labels using the <No Label> filter value in the Label dropdown. 
  • You can filter for assets with no access value using the Default Access filter value in the Access dropdown.
  • You can filter assets by adding more than one Label / Access value and select Match Any to perform an OR-search, or Match All to perform an AND-search.
  • You can filter assets by a keyword in their titles.

Updating Multiple Assets

Once you have found the assets to be updated, you can select them and take the bulk update action. There are seven different actions supported for bulk updates. 

  1. Add Labels - Adds the selected label(s) to all the selected assets. 
  2. Remove Labels - Removes the selected label(s) from the selected assets. 
  3. Add Access Values - Adds the selected access value(s) to all the selected assets. 
  4. Remove Access Values - Removes the selected access value(s) from all the selected assets. 
  5. Archive Assets - Archives all the selected assets. Does nothing if any of the selected assets is already archived. 
  6. Unarchive Assets - Unarchives all the selected assets that are in an Archived state. 
  7. Delete Assets - Deletes all the selected assets. The user is shown a prompt confirming the delete action. 
  8. The Export To Excel button helps administrators export the content results to an MS Excel format. For more information on Export to Excel please refer to this help article.

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