Export the Content Library to Excel

It is common for marketers and content administrators to analyze and share content inventory in Excel format. To support this exercise, administrators can export the content library to Excel. 

  • This feature is currently available to users in the Administrator role only. 
  • This feature is currently available in the Asset Manager section of the application only. For more information on Asset Manager, you can refer to this article.

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Export to Excel

An administrator can export content information to excel from the Assets tab in the Content Manager section of the application. The user has to run the target search based on the available filters in the asset tab and select the Export to Excel action. Once confirmed, the administrator will receive an email when the exported data is available. 


  • The export action exports all the available data to Excel. The selected records have no bearing on the data exported. 
  • You can use filters to export specific data assets to Excel. E.g. you want to export only Data Sheets data to excel. 

Email Notification

The administrator will receive an email with the link to download the excel file once the export is completed. The link will expire after 30 calendar days. 

Excel Format

The Excel file follows the following format.

  • 1 Title - The title of the asset. 
  • 2 Content Type - The content type of the asset. 
  • 3 Portal URL - The internal portal URL for the asset. Clicking on this will open the asset in Enablix. 
  • 4 Created At - The date this asset was added to the portal. 
  • 5 Created By - The user name who added this asset. 
  • 6 Modified At - The date this asset was last modified in the portal. 
  • 7 Modified By - The user name who last modified this asset. 
  • 8 Private Asset - A Yes/No flag to tell you whether or not this asset is a private asset. 
  • 9 to 14 Categories - Comma-separated values of labels for each Category for this asset. 
  • 15 Internal Content Access (Count) - The internal access count in the lifetime of this asset across all users. 
  • 16 Link Copied (Count) - The number of times the link to this asset was copied.
  • 17 External Link Activity (Count) - The number of times an external user (prospect or customer) clicked on the asset. 

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