Emailing in Enablix

In Enablix, users can integrate their mailbox with Enablix to share content right from the portal.

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Email an Asset

In Enablix, you have two options for emailing:

Email - share content with recipients outside of your organization (video).

Email Internally - share content with other members of your organization (video). Recipients must be a fellow user of your organization as well as a user of the Enablix portal.

If you do not see the Share > Email option, it is because the content is Internal & Confidential. You can only Share > Email content that is Externally Shareable. You can always email internally.

The first time you email content from Enablix, you'll be asked to setup your mailbox. Learn more here.

When emailing content from Enablix, it will be sent from the mailbox you integrated with. Learn how to add your email signature here.


Emailing more than one contact at a time? Use Enablix's Multi-Send feature to email up to 100 recipients at a time. Each recipient will receive their own individual copy of the email, as well as you'll receive unique individual insights (Emmi visited...Kahshan visited...Nick visted...).

Learn more about Multi-Send here.

Share Multiple Assets in a Single Email

When sharing an asset by email, in the email dialog, you have the option to add other assets. You have the option to add them as a preview or a link.

Adding a preview:

Adding a link:

Whether it's a preview or the actual link, in Enablix you always have the option to further customize the link.

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