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Enablix users can access the entire content library using the Chrome Plugin. Sales and marketing users can find the plugin handy when they are prospecting on LinkedIn or other third party sites and need quick access to Enablix content. 

To use the Chrome Plugin to share content, you should first add the Enablix extension to your Chrome browser. You can refer to Adding Chrome Plugin article. This article assumes you have already installed the Enablix for Chrome extension.

In This Article

Access Chrome Plugin

The Enablix Chrome Plugin icon is available the Chrome browser next to the address bar. If you are not already signed in, the plugin will ask you to Sign In. 

Chrome Plugin Home

By default, the Chrome Plugin shows you recently accessed assets in a chronological order. You have two main navigation options. 

  • You can use the top left hamburger menu to access navigation options. 
  • You can use the search bar to access the content navigation options. 

You can search the content library using the search bar. Similar to the web application, as you start typing in the search bar, the plugin will filter the labels and content types. And after you have typed three letters, it will show you the top five matching assets. 

You can execute text search or navigate to one of the assets, labels, or content types shown in the search bar. 

Browse Content Assets

You can also browse the library by using content types and categories/labels. There are two ways to browse content assets. 

  1. You can access the Browse menu item in the hamburger menu. 
  2. You can click in the search bar and the plugin gives you multiple options to browse the library

Interact With An Asset

In this section we discuss the different options a user has to interact with a content asset. Once you find an asset either by searching, browsing, or through other navigation options, you can perform the following actions: 

  1. Copy Link to share it externally
  2. Preview the link behavior
  3. Download file (for a file asset)
  4. Launch URL (for a URL asset)
  5. Copy text (for text content)
  6. Open the asset in Enablix web application
  7. Copy internal URL of the asset for sharing internally
  8. Bookmark the asset
  9. Preview the asset

The plugin hamburger menu supports the following actions, 

  1. Open Enablix application in the browser
  2. Navigate to recently accessed assets
  3. Navigate to recently updated assets (that the user has access to)
  4. Navigate to user's My Content assets. Please refer to the help article on My Content.
  5. Navigate to user's bookmarked assets.
  6. Navigate to browse the content.
  7. Access the help article on plugin
  8. Log out of the plugin

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