Automate Content Updates for Teams

Marketing and sales teams are increasingly adopting communication tools like MS Teams over email for internal communication. This means the sales team is receiving the majority of their product and marketing on Teams channels. Enablix supports integration with Microsoft Teams where Enablix will post updates about newly added and updated content on a pre-selected Teams channel. 

To support this feature, you need to create an Incoming Webhook URL on Teams and then save the URL in Enablix. 

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Create the Incoming Webhook on Microsoft Teams

Click on the  More added apps (...) option in the left panel of the Microsoft Teams window.
Search for  Webhook and select  Incoming Webhook  from the options shown.
Click on  Add to a team.
Type your team/channel name in the search bar and select the channel. This is the channel where Enablix will post messages. 
After selecting the team and channel, click on Set up a connector.
Provide a name for your Incoming Webhook, upload an image (optional) and click on  Create.
Copy the URL and click Done. You will need the copied URL when configuring the integration in Enablix. 

Add the Incoming Webhook URL to Enablix

You need to complete the integration by adding the copied Incoming Webhook URL in Enablix. You will need administrator rights to complete these steps in Enablix. 

In the Enablix application, go to Company Settings -> Integrations tab. Under the Microsoft Teams Notifications section, click on the Edit icon. 
Paste the copied Incoming Webhook URL and click on the Save icon.

Enablix is configured to post content notifications on the configured Microsoft Teams channel. When a content asset is added or updated, a notification will automatically be posted on the defined Teams channel.

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