Adding Content

In this article we will discuss:

Types of Content You Can Add

You can add the following types of content:

  • File
  • URL
  • Text
  • Content Kits
  • Microsites
  • Import (bulk import files - not all user system roles have the ability to do this)

To add content, you will navigate to the Enablix homepage and select Add:

How to Add Content

Are there file limits?

Which users can add content?

    • All users in the system can add content, but depending on their system role, their uploading options are different.
      • Publish - Administrators and Approved Contributors can Publish content. The ability to add content available to all users.
      • Request to Publish - Reporting Users and Consumers can Request to Publish. If users are wanting to add content available to all users, they can Request to Publish. An Administrator will approve or reject the request.
      • Save as My Content - If adding content that isn't relevant to all users, you can Save as My Content. The content will only be accessible to the user who added it, and any collaborators added.
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