My Stuff Dashboard Overview (User Reporting)

All users in Enablix have a My Stuff dashboard. To access My Stuff dashboard, navigate to the second icon from the top on the left-hand side toolbar.

The My Stuff dashboard is where a user will track their own analytics - what they shared & who's visiting. An Administrator can see similar reporting for all users. To learn more, visit our Help Article Insights Overview (Admin Reporting).

In the My Stuff dashboard, users have multiple reporting options. Here are the different options below:

  • Dashboard - Overview of different reporting
  • Content Activity - Content the user has shared that the recipients have engaged with
  • Recently Used Links - Content the user shared regardless if it's been engaged with
  • Visitor Activity - Who's visiting on an individual level
  • Account Activity - Who's visiting at an account level
  • Content Shares - Emails of content that has been shared but not yet engaged with
  • My Content - All users can add content to Enablix (to learn more visit our Help Article My Content)
  • My Links - Content the user shared regardless if it's been engaged with

Visitor vs. Account Activity

Please Note: For Account Activity, your portal has to be integrated with your CRM. When Enablix captures an email ID, and that email ID is associated with an account in your CRM, we'll provide you analytics at both a visitor and account level.

For example: I shared content with Amy at Bank of America. Because Amy is associated with Bank of America in the CRM, it will show I shared content with 'Amy at Bank of America.' In the Account Activity view, if I have shared content with multiple people at Bank of America, I would see all analytics for the account there.

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