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In Enablix, end users can add or update content assets. However, to maintain the quality of the content library, an Administrator has to approve the change before it is published. In this article we discuss, the approval workflow in Enablix.

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Request Approval

When a user in a Consumer role, adds a new content asset or edits an existing asset, the change has to be approved before it is published to the content library. When requesting approval, the consumer has an option to, 

  • Select the administrator(s) who should approve the change. 
  • Enter an optional comment describing the change.

  • When multiple administrators receive a request, any administrator approving the change approves the request.
  • The user also has an option to save a newly added asset as My Content. To learn more about My Content feature, please refer to this help article.
  • Administrators also have an option to Request Approval. This can be useful if the Administrator wants to get a second opinion before adding or updating an asset. 

Approve or Reject Request

When a request is submitted, the approver receives an email about the request. Additionally, the request is also available in the Requests tab of the Content Manager. The approver can approve or reject a request that is pending approval. 


The approver can make changes to the asset before approval.

The requestor receives an email notification about the approver's action.

Update Request

A requestor can edit a request that is pending approval. Requestors can access Pending Approval content requests in the My Requests tab in Content Manager. 

Withdraw Request

A requestor has an option to withdraw a content request that is in pending approval. Requestors can access their Pending Approval requests in the My Requests tab in Content Manager. 

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